Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Here I am, back again. It has been more than a year, yet I’m back. This blog that I love, is like a life story for me. I visit here on and off now and that’s not intentional. Like all of us, I too am busy and have errands to run and whatnot. All that excuses other people give, I have them too. But I can never ever stop visiting here. The girl is still on the move. I want to talk about happiness today, and this is how I feel about happiness.

All of us look for happiness. We live and while living, we chase happiness. We do so many things to find happiness. All our lives, eventually, we look for happiness. If we find happiness, we still make other reasons and still look for more happiness. I guess you will agree with me, no doubt. Over the years, I have realized that happiness is also like a butterfly. If you chase it, it runs away. But if you stay patiently with hope, never giving up on things in life, happiness… it eventually comes and rests in your shoulder. This may not be true all the time. But in most cases, this is true.

If I ask you the question ‘Are you happy?’, can you give me a direct answer? I bet most people will answer with these: Either they’ll say ‘Yeah I’m happy, but…’  or ‘No… I’m not that happy’. That’s most of us. Some years back, I used to give the first answer. I was also chasing happiness for a long time. Then I found it. I found it when I found my husband. All went well after that. It was the start to my happiness. Then came so many things to be happy about. Right now, at this very moment, I AM happy. I have an awesome kid, an awesome husband, lovely family, in laws that love me… and things we both have accomplished over the past 2 and a half years of our marriage. But I will continue looking for happiness, as all of you. I will look for the happiness of my child.. and for the happiness of my family. Sometimes we look back and get surprised for how much we have accomplished within a very short time. But let me tell you one thing… True happiness comes from love…. the bonds we have.. how faithful we are for each other… how true we are for the people in our lives.. how much we show love to each other. That, my friend, is happiness.

You read a good book… watch a good movie… listen to awesome music… buy a new car… go somewhere cool for a vacation… go out to have a meal…all these things we do too. Why do we do these? This is also because of love : the love we have for ourselves. Isn’t it obvious?

Thursday, May 23, 2013


My little daughter is 3 months old for today. She’s growing up to be quite a charm. One thing she likes to do is ‘walk’. She doesn’t like to stay at one place, so she always lifts her small hands and indicates that she needs to ‘walk’. So we take her and walk around the garden, showing her what she likes to see. That’s a usual routine in my life now. 

This morning too, I took her for the ‘walk’. The heat that lasted for about 2 months has vanished. The rains have started and it has rained heavily last night. Tiny mushrooms were bobbing their heads from the grass, where the grass itself was covered with drops of rain beads from last night. The grass was overgrown, since my dad couldn’t mow it recently, since he was so ‘busy’ with the baby. Nevertheless, the grass provided a soft velvet blanket below my feet. The wind was so cool: not that it was too chilly, but a soft blend of mint and with a dew-like moist. She started to look around, catching her eyes on the colorful flowers. There were red and yellow carnations. Another one was a blend of yellow and mild orange. It’s May! The month of flowers! The arch above the gate was groped by a vine of white and purple trumpet flowers. The most attractive thing was the swarm of orange flowers conquering the garden. That’s an eye-catcher for her. Then she turned her eyes towards the sky. From where I stood, the sky was a perfect glaze of milky blue, filled with a puffy cloud or two here and there. But from the distance, I could hear the slow rumble of an incoming rain. When I looked, I noticed the grey, gloomy layers in the sky in a distance. She started watching the sky too.

The papaya trees were heavy with ripe papayas. I could feel her listening to the sounds around her. Parrots!! Loads of them! The chirp of the birds was everywhere and I couldn’t figure out each sound by my own as well. There were like thousands of squirrels everywhere.. up in the coconut trees.. on the roof.. on the wall… Everywhere!! They’re so loud and reminded me of triggered alarm clocks! The green was everywhere! She was watching everything with the cool breeze caressing her tiny body. Then I took her near the wall. Since it’s the Wesak season, Wesak lanterns were already hanged at my neighbor’s place. The Buddhist flags are so colorful; she couldn’t help noticing them too. After a moment, a gush of cold air rushed through the garden and I realized that it’s the symbol of a rain coming our way. I took her back to the house. She looked disappointed. Just as I took her inside, the rain started, drizzling slowly, making the wind chillier.

She enjoys it all. I was thinking.. this is how we grew up when we were small too, with all this greenery, sounds and fresh air. Now we spend most of our time in the polluted city, because of our jobs. We’re forced to do that. My little daughter is still lucky to have this greenery and space. But one day, we’ll have to move back to the city, where it makes our lives ‘easier’ like clockwork figures, facing the same daily routine day by day. One day, she’ll have to get into that rush too. Then I wished for her to find a way to stay out of that rush and the noisy city.. Maybe she’ll be able to do that. I still love this greenery, but I can’t linger here. So I again wished that the things should someday change for my little daughter 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


When I waked up in the middle of the night the other day, I smelled a fragile fragrance from my hair. When I started to wonder what it is, I suddenly remembered it all. I went to sleep with so much uneasiness. One month left for the baby to come, my belly looks like a pot shaped large balloon, and rolling over, sleeping and getting comfortable is out of the question!! Even 6 pillows hardly do any good these days.  Sleep is the comfort zone of anybody at the end of the day. But for me, the toughest job of the day is, sleeping.

Now, back to the sweet smell… I remember him putting baby cologne in my hair that night. My legs were aching and he massaged them with baby cream. When I couldn’t turn, he rolled me over and arranged the pillows around me. Then he put on the net around the bed, switching off the light, came in with more baby cream. Then he started to rub the cream on my aching ribs. I don’t remember falling asleep. I just fell asleep with comfort. Whenever I wake up again, whining, he would gently stroke my back to ease the uncomforting. I watch him running all these errands on my sake. He would drop me to work every day, and come back to pick me when the work is over.

He won’t let me carry heavy things, specially my laptop bag, which is heavier than me. He wouldn’t let me lift the hot water pots, cuts fruits in the morning and prepares for me, sometimes when I feel dizzy, he makes drinks. Well… These are just a few things. Minor things he does. I wonder how he feels. All I know is, he’s impatient for the baby and he’s waiting and waiting to see her soon. He talks to my belly and tells her to come out soon, so that he can hold her. He admires the little wool socks and beanies I knit for her. He thinks they’ll look so cute on her! His eyes sparkle when he talks about the baby. The other day he talked to my belly and said ‘Daddy is working hard to earn more for her’. He really is working hard with extra work. What do I feel when seeing all this? No need to say I married the perfect man. But he’s gonna be a perfect and loving daddy for my kids!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Baby Blues... is something a mommy experiences after a baby is born. Something like an emotional change.. The baby blues are suppose to come after the baby is born. But what I got is, most of our ladies have some kind of baby blues, even without having a baby in the tummy. This is what I've seen, and some of you might not agree with me on this. Have you noticed that most of the ladies nowadays prefer to get married in a late age? This is where it starts. After getting married, a couple usually has so many things to get settled with. The first thing is to settle down as a separate family. In our culture, we normally stay with our parents till we get married. Sometimes even after that, we prefer to stay with our parents. Getting used to the fact that you're married and getting used to the responsibilities as a married person takes a little while. Then there are financials to settle, buying vehicles, building houses, completing your higher educations, achieving your carrier objectives, etc. What usually happens is, the need of having a baby gets delayed. When a couple gets married, they usually seek a time period to 'enjoy life' or 'have some lone time together', before planning a baby. Then again, they might think that 'We need to settle down financially to think about a baby'. There are several reasons. One can't say they're unreasonable. But what eventually happens is, you got married late and you spend time solving your other problems, and when you complete all of it and turn back, you find that your biological click has ticked away. Then comes the problems. Sometimes you have to try for years and years or even run after dozens of doctors, wasting a lot of money.

Do women actually delay wanting babies only because of these reasons? What do you think? What I figured is, there are other reasons as well. They state the above reasons as reasons and hide away in their actual reasons. So what are the actual reasons? The main thing is the 'fear'. That's right. The second one I figured is responsibility, which is also a part of this fear. Raising a child is a huge responsibility, and some women do not like the responsibility. Believe it or not, but most women fear the pregnancy! The thought of bearing a baby in their tummy itself scares them. The pains and the things a woman has to go through during the pregnancy : they fear for it. The child birth itself, they fear for it. Then they fear the process of raising a child. It's a huge responsibility, true. But our parents DID raise us, remember? Then comes the 'stories'. This is a main thing. When you hear what happened to that lady with her baby, how she suffered through her pregnancy and stuff like the complications she got,eventually, a doubt gets planted in your mind. I heard the same kind of stories. But what I figured and what i think is, you're unique.. every pregnancy is not the same and thought those stuff happened to that lady, doesn't ever mean that they'll happen to you...!! Just don't listen to the stories, cz it'll only complicate your mind. Another thing is fear for sacrifice. Of coz, you have to drop eating junk food and switch to what you call 'healthy stuff' which includes more nutritions. Then you have to concentrate more on what are the good sources of fiber, iron, calcium, folic, etc.. rather than that tasty burger from the famous fast food outlet. Who wants to eat grains for breakfast? You'll have to! Then again you have to watch your blood glucose levels and pressure. Then you have to adjust your food according to that. It's a lot of sacrifice! You'll have to wear something comfy, rather than a stylish something. You'll have to skip foreign travel and long distance trips. That's just a few things.

Some ladies only wonder what to wear when they get pregnant.It's the LEAST important thing you'll have to care when you get pregnant, trust me. When a baby comes to your tummy, all you think about is the baby. You dream a LOT and your life ONLY evolves around the teeny thing growing inside your tummy. NOTHING else matters to you. The baby brings so much happiness to your life, and that's all that matters. I think being a mommy is the most wonderful feeling in this universe. I can't think of a better one. But IF you're clouded with baby blues and phobias, you'll never ever feel it..!! I'm not an expert on the subject, but I think I'm somewhere in the middle of the learning curve. So.. ladies, let your fears and worries go, cz we were made to have this wonderful experience in our life...!!   

Friday, December 21, 2012

11 WEEKS AWAY...!!

Life has changed in a million ways this year.. and the year has almost come to an end. The girl on the move was so busy, she completely forgot about the blog!! That's kind of disappointing, I know. But she's back with good news. By mid April, we moved to a peaceful place where the two of us started our new lives alone. We switched our workplaces and started doing better. Then came the dream of building our very own house. Now.. What has happened is, we're starting to build our crib early next year, with a new addition..!! It's a baby...!! She will light up our lives, and it's just 11 weeks more...!! Things are happening in a good way, and the Girl on the Move is happier than she can ever remember...See you guys in a couple of weeks..!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012


It's been more than 10 months the girl on the move went missing. Now she's back :D Lots and lots of things have changed in the past 10 months and the girl on the move is on the move again. The last post I posted was in April 2011. Now it's mid Feb 2012. Where was I? I fell in love and lost in the space. THAT should be the most possible explanation :D

Last March, I fell in love with the guy in my dreams.. and in last April, when he asked me to be his, I was the happiest girl in the world. So... on that day, I owned him. Then.. I got lost in space with him. This January.. we found our way back, out from the land where fairies walk every night.. and where the dreams we weave become a reality... him, holding my hand... being his wife... On this day, I'm happily married to the guy in my dreams.. The 10 months we got lost in space, were the most beautiful 10 months in my life. Everything... every teeny weeny thing, went right.. and you know..every girl has a dream guy. But we never get to meet the exact person. I did... and that's why I got lost in space with him.. just because we had so many things to talk... so many places to walk by... and so many dreams to weave...

Now, the girl on the move is back... and to think back, the 10 months which passes, is just like a beautiful dream.. But the most beautiful thing is, the feeling I get when I wake up every morning beside him... It's the most beautiful feeling in the whole world, followed by the happiness you feel, when you think that 'This is the one I'm going to spend my whole life with... The one I always wanted to be with... and the guy I always dreamed of'...

So... Here I am, back from space... I was walking the earth, alone then.. This day, I walk with him... till the world ends.. for sure...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


He came.. He performed and he conquered..!! It was so awesome and I was so lucky to witness in on March 25th. Romanian music always rocks. The music is soothing and the effect it creates is absolutely enchanting. Born as Eduard Marian Ilie in 1986, he the Romanian musician, composer and the singer has come a long way after his hit “Stereo Love” in 2009. Later that year, "Stereo Love", became a hit in clubs all over the world.While this success was followed by concerts worldwide, the song entered the top-5 singles charts in Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK. This is where his success story began. He pitched in to the international charts by hit singles like This is My Life and Desert Rain after that.

Romanian music is yet to be popular in the international context, but has a promising future, no doubt. So, Edward Maya will have a promising career, one day and still he’s new to the international scene. The post sound formal? Yes…?? Lol, that’s because I would really really write some absolutely crazy stuff if I try to be informal cz I really really AM so crazy about Edward Maya’s music. Okay.. Letting it out and relieving… International artistes come and go.. Most of the time, they mime and the shows become total disappointments.

But this one…. It totally rocked…!! Can’t think of a better way for Sun FM’s comeback with Edward Maya Live show. It was all worth the money and the time. Honestly, I thought he’ll just mime some 3-4 random songs and go away. But he was awesome. He just knows for to get the crowd’s attention and get them spellbound. Awesome! After a session of songs, he started his DJ session with his fellow crew members Gabrielle and Mike Poison. It was all so awesome! So… pity for those who predicted that it’s gonna be a total bore.. and two thumbs for us, the people who made it to the show and had an extreme fun.. ;)