Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Here I am, back again. It has been more than a year, yet I’m back. This blog that I love, is like a life story for me. I visit here on and off now and that’s not intentional. Like all of us, I too am busy and have errands to run and whatnot. All that excuses other people give, I have them too. But I can never ever stop visiting here. The girl is still on the move. I want to talk about happiness today, and this is how I feel about happiness.

All of us look for happiness. We live and while living, we chase happiness. We do so many things to find happiness. All our lives, eventually, we look for happiness. If we find happiness, we still make other reasons and still look for more happiness. I guess you will agree with me, no doubt. Over the years, I have realized that happiness is also like a butterfly. If you chase it, it runs away. But if you stay patiently with hope, never giving up on things in life, happiness… it eventually comes and rests in your shoulder. This may not be true all the time. But in most cases, this is true.

If I ask you the question ‘Are you happy?’, can you give me a direct answer? I bet most people will answer with these: Either they’ll say ‘Yeah I’m happy, but…’  or ‘No… I’m not that happy’. That’s most of us. Some years back, I used to give the first answer. I was also chasing happiness for a long time. Then I found it. I found it when I found my husband. All went well after that. It was the start to my happiness. Then came so many things to be happy about. Right now, at this very moment, I AM happy. I have an awesome kid, an awesome husband, lovely family, in laws that love me… and things we both have accomplished over the past 2 and a half years of our marriage. But I will continue looking for happiness, as all of you. I will look for the happiness of my child.. and for the happiness of my family. Sometimes we look back and get surprised for how much we have accomplished within a very short time. But let me tell you one thing… True happiness comes from love…. the bonds we have.. how faithful we are for each other… how true we are for the people in our lives.. how much we show love to each other. That, my friend, is happiness.

You read a good book… watch a good movie… listen to awesome music… buy a new car… go somewhere cool for a vacation… go out to have a meal…all these things we do too. Why do we do these? This is also because of love : the love we have for ourselves. Isn’t it obvious?

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